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Over the last five years we have trained and supported everyone from beginners looking at racing for the first time, through to Triathletes wanting to improve through to Professional Triathletes, Hawaiian Ironman TriathletesIronman Triathletes, Triathletes competing in world championships races, we even developed the first Women's Triathlon coaching program:


Coaching Programs Available


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Professional Coaching       Ironman Coaching            Women's Coaching


Strength Coaching             Run Coaching                  Swim Coaching



Triow coaching  Free Four Week Triathlon Coaching Programs


  TriNow understand that it can be challenging to find a coach

  that can work to your schedule, provide adequate feedback a

  the times you need feedback, learn how best to communicate

  and teach - as ever individual is different.


That is why we recommend working through our four week individually customised training programs to get you underway.

Every program comes with the following:
- Customised coaching program designed by a Professional Triathlon Coach
- Personal nutrition support designed to help and support your nutrition requirements, dietary goals and - provide enough energy to live and maintain an active lifestyle
- Individual training sessions to assist in you achieving maximum results
- In Victoria we conduct individual swim training sessions at MSAC or Nunawading Aquatic Centre to help you learn to swim more effectively
- Individual run sessions to assist in your technique so you can run stronger and faster
- Group training classes

Online support       

 - Allows you to monitor and see how you have developed over time        
 - Tracks exercise and nutrition     
 - Provides information and free videos on how to perform specific activities        
 - A daily email is sent (not essential) reminding you of any training requirements for the day        
 - Provides the coaching staff at TriNow the ability to monitor your progress and adjust the    program according to  your specific training and work / life needs       
 - If you have a heart rate monitor you can upload heart rate details       
 - If you use a GPS training device you can even upload and track your routes and how/where you trained


To access the four week program please complete the following form:

Your Email address:

Your Full Name:    

Your Age

What are your immediate goals?

How far can you run right now without stopping?

How far can you swim without stopping?

Do you have our own bike?

What is the best method and time to contact you?


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"Thanks for making my Christmas

special this year because you helped

me achieve the dream."

I am an Ironman.- Brian

Brian Wood

Thanks for all your help this year, really
appreciate it and hope i can reward you with
some results in Wanaka - Andriy

Thank you so much for all your help and

guidance over the last 18 months. I’ve learned

a lot. - Erika




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