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 TriNow's Buyer’s Guide: Bikes Part One                   


If you want a bike designed with true triathlon geometry that’s well suited to a fairly aggressive position and built with a trustworthy component kit, the S22 is just about the most affordable bike to fit the bill. It is offered in seven frame sizes to make it easier to find a perfect match, and the Sram Apex component kit is more than worthy of a place on the race course. The saddle and brakes aren’t the best we’ve tried, but the highly adjustable aerobar creates a comfortable grip position.


FUJI D-6 4.0


FUJI D-6 4.0
If ride quality is one of your most valued attributes in a triathlon bike, the D-6 is a perfect match. It is one of the stiffest triathlon bikes we have ridden, and it swoops predictably through corners. The 4.0 is built with price-sensitive components throughout, but the complete package delivers first-class ride quality at an entry-level price. Although the small and mid-range sizes have moderately aggressive triathlon-specific geometry, the bigger sizes are best for very aggressive positions.


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