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 coaching           Choosing a coach

    Choosing a coach can be one of the most challenging sports
   decisions you make. TriNow's coaching philosophy to to work
   closely with each athlete and develop a customised training program that supports your goals and fit's in with your lifestyle. To insure you get the best out of your coach and would like more information please read
our article on choosing a coach.

TriNow's Buyer’s Guide: Bikes Part One


FELT s22If you want a bike designed with true triathlon geometry that’s well suited to a fairly aggressive position and built with a trustworthy component kit, the S22 is just about the most affordable bike to fit the bill. Continued



               Winter Training for Triathletes


    The off season – winter season – is the perfect time to built

    both the physiological  and neuromuscular basis of a

    successful racing season come spring and summer.  Without

                           the distractions of races, time can be devoted to building a

                          solid physiological base for a successful racing season.  It is

                          also the perfect time to improve two critical cycling skills

                          needed for successful racing - continue


 Runn efficientRunning Efficiently

        Do you want to run more efficiently?  Do you want more

        strength when you’re running?  How about more speed?

        Here are three simple things to do that will make you a

        more efficient runner.  The hard part of this approach is remembering to do these three things when you are most  fatigued.  Continued

            training peaksTracking your progress

     Do you want to reach your peak athletic performance, increase

     your health and fitness, even just lose weight? If so you are in

     the right place. TriNow can help, from beginners to elite athletes

     with the ability to monitor your fitness & health trends continue


Triathlon News               Weekly News

   Each week TriNow publishes a newsletter focusing on
  Triathlon - including training tips, nutrition, races and Tri
  product reviews that should help us all be more informed. This
  is a free service to our customers. If you wish to subscribe to
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